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Westbridge land 1.0
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westbridge land 1.0

Westbridge hills land is a remake of the second default map.
we now got livestock on or near the farm
cows have got new shed with animation trigger doors and my manure out pipe to fill the trailer this is allso the same for the pig and cattle sheds.
sheep have now got the wool pallet collector and water mods
storage for everthing with belts.
new forest.
farm house got moved and now lives on the farm with chickens in garden.
BGA got new fermenting silos
there is 2 sell points for pigs and cattle namely the butchers and slaughter house
map also includes more sell points grain elevator and factory

pinguar map editor
Marhu / Bauer-007
von TMT

  • Guest
    2014-12-24 01:20
    Love the map!!! I like having all the animals right at the farm! Only problem I'm having is trying to feed the chickens... Need a little help!!!
  • Francesko
    2015-01-20 20:25
    nádrž na vodu a nádrž na pšenici pro slepice eror, nejdou naplnit. Naplní se jenom koryta. DÍKY ZA ODPOVĚĎ!
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