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Westbridge multi Forest v2.2
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Westbridge multi Forest v2.2

Welcome to the West Bridge Multi forest.
I've Decided for the name.
In German because I see that the German language is extinguished vereng.
On the map it add 3 and 2 dung manure sale sale.
I've installed a butcher and a brewery.
A fire service are also available.
The farm has cows and beef cattle and chickens with cat and scarecrow.
On the farm I have a BGA silo built with 800,000 liters.
In the BGA below is the pig fattening.
Show the sheep a grass stock with digital.
When a forest woodchip store with about 90,000 liters capacity.
Cigarettes and chewing gum vending machine is also available.
It's my first conversion I hope you enjoy it.
Please, no idiot clerk because I do not have much experience thank you.


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