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Westbridge One v1.2
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Westbridge One v1.2

Vision 1.1 now so I get out the old trees and built new law and even par the great things which the card know the Fält it on so forth.

Welcome to the West Bridge One.
I've decided on the name.
Since it's a great map the many hours down has in me and my friends.
On the map it give 3 manure sale and 2 Mist sale.
I've built a butcher and a brewery.
A church and a parking garage with a mission platform is also available.
A new outlet there.
The farm owns the cows and cattle fattening and chickens with cat and scarecrow.
The milk can be yourself if you want in the dairy from delivering.
Trigger dignity installed you just need this mod Stop Milk Sale V 1.2
of REL1981
Zunhammer water u. Milk tank
of Marhu

The chickens run free in the yard around the Grass texture I've changed.
A 3D dirt road there is.
In the courtyard I've installed BGA silo.
When BGA below is the pig fattening.
Display when the sheep a grass warehouse with digital.
When a forest wood chip storage with 90,000 liters capacity.
Cigarettes and gumball machines are also available.
It is my first conversion I hope you like it.
Please no idiot clerk because I do not thank a lot of experience hab.

Das ist eine Weiter Umgebaute Karte Von meiner Westbridge Multi Wald
Ich 2 Franz

  • Bob (wires)
    2015-10-03 18:31
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    The link for download is very slow, and will only deliver 250 mb of the 713 mb file. Downloaded 2x both same amounts.
  • Jeremyj621
    2016-05-03 05:57
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    No place to purchase fields. Icons aren't on the map, either on the fields or any central purchase location I could find.
  • Jeremyj621
    2016-05-15 09:16
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    Correction: there are signs in the corners of fields where you can purchase the field. So, this is a great map! Very nice edit of Westbridge Hills!
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