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Westbridge Profi Edition v1.0
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Westbridge Profi Edition v1.0

Hello! This is the Westbridge Professional Edition. It is the standard
Westbridge Hills Modified something.

What has been changed:
-Kuhweide Has come to the farm
-Schafweide Has also come to the farm
-Installed -Futterlager of HarryBo
-BGA Was moved to the dealer
-BGA Built by Stone Bracker (LS13) (The orginal BGA log error had after the relocation. Whatever the reason)

There are still 2 LUA call stack error's but the game does not affect.
I want to say that this is my first mod I made.
About suggestions for improvement, I would be very happy.


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    2015-03-08 16:24
    I love this map
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