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Westbridge Storage addon v1.0.2
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Westbridge Storage addon v1.0.2

Feed and Manure Storage addon for Westbridge Hills.

Main Idea from Phil
Assemble Sk_Jatala

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    2014-11-24 22:16
    does the conveyer even work? And it would be nice to have scales so you know how much is left. Besides that I like the storage area.
  • Guest
    2015-02-09 03:04
    This has no scale to show how much you have left in storage but other than that it is great!! You can tell when the pile starts getting low(shrinks as emptied). Great to have this storage. Saves so much time not having to bale straw, hay then store it. Then load into Kuhn mixer...must have mod if you have large herd of cattle and sheep.
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