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Westbridge v2.0
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Westbridge v2.0

It is a question here about the original Westbridge Hills of Giants I re-Designed almost complete.

Various installation work such as:
Slurry manure lime Mod
Straw Chopper Mod
Cattle fattening
BGA Complex Mod
Composting plant (Produced now dung as fertilizer or sale)
BaleFeed Mod
Milk Stop Sale
Feed Mix stations
Beet cutter

That is, these mods are permanently installed and need from your mod folder outside.

The farm is now as times where the BGA was
The BGA there where the court was
Vehicle Shop Rebuilt
Garden centers Rebuilt
Sugar factory installed
Converted mill (1x 1x oil mill and flour mill)
Postponed spinning
Slaughterhouse (Where was the theater)
Dairy Farm
Country trade
Mc Donald
Kuhzone Rebuilt
Chicken Rebuilt
Sheep Rebuilt
and, and, and

I recommend at Low PC setting in the game to Medium
The map is equipped with 565MB quite large, but Runs with me Impeccable without mosquitoes,
even on high settings.
When found error please Log ...

Farmer Andy – Compost und Masthuhn
El Cid – Zuckerfabrik
Complex BGA – Upsidedown

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    had had a repeat eroror with marhu water mod
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