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WestbridgeTN v1.0
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WestbridgeTN v1.0

This is a modified standard map. With out the help of the community as a whole would not be possible. Lots have changed but much is quiet the same.

needed mods
compost master mod pack Marhu

Nate76 for the changes to Giants standard map
water mod, pigs and compost (Marhu)
feed storage digital display (.chtiseb)
digital displays (Blacky_BPG )
wool pallet shelf (Model JohnDeere1952 texture CGTexture)
if i forgot anyone message me and i will fix

  • Skytracer
    2015-02-11 11:38
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    look nice but ,for me it crash ,and frizz when a select it to start ....
  • Guest
    2015-02-14 19:05
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    looks a very good map and on the plus side its in English thank you for making a map in English just spend a bit of time improving i really like the set up with the farm animals and how open it is looking forward to your next version of this map
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