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Western Star 4900 with Great Dayne Trailers v1.0
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Western Star 4900 with Great Dayne Trailers v1.0

Western Star 4900 plus Great Dayne Trailers. Trailers hold bread backwaren h-milch yogurt kaese quark hops potato sugarBeet Bier strawberries cucumbers tomatoes cherries plums apples and has a locking script.

Converted to fs15 by ArcticWolfModding truck by Randy H.(TorqueWrench1) trailers by RaFa

  • Mack bull hauler
    2015-06-02 23:16
    Proper Credits are not given and i doubt the fact u even got proper permissions for a release of the conversionsCredits go toSMW Modding Team -- Great Dane Dry Van TrailersR&R Modding Team -- Western Star 4900
  • Mack bull hauler
    2015-06-02 23:18
    Proper Credits are not given and i doubt the fact u even got proper permissions for a release of the conversions.Credits go to --SMW Modding Team -- Great Dane Dry Van Trailers.R&R Modding Team -- Western Star 4900.
  • Idroj30
    2015-06-02 23:35
    hello, all mod is free to conversion, and at no time has been eliminated prinicpal author (this appears in the moddesc) :), and at no time are being added to ArticWolfModding credits, they are only saying that they have made :). mod low, and look at the moddesc, and read Author: Randy H. (TorqueWrench1) ...Idroj30 :), and I feel the translation, I am Spanish xd
  • Idroj30
    2015-06-02 23:38
    only they say that they have become ....... :).
  • Winston958
    2015-06-03 00:13
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?> RaFa 1.0 <title><en>GreatDane Dry Van</title> GreatDane Dry Van
  • Mack bull hauler
    2015-06-03 00:27
    GREAT DANE TRAILER- From the SMW Modding Team.Contributors to This Mod• Model and Texturing—Rafael Zanella, Rocketman• Wheels—Sivy, LMS Studios• Scripting—Sivy, Smith121363, Rafael Zanella, Seriousmods • Testing—BigCountry, Rocketman, Raycer55, JDB14, looneytoontn, dancanman, Sivy, Discoade, dale3887, seriousmodsWESTERN STAR 4900 BY R&R MODDINGCreditsTagghartSnipersSteveRowanC
  • The fly on the wall
    2015-06-03 01:43
    you ruined 2 perfectly created mods to look horribly uglyits shit like this that no one releases there stuff anymorehere's 2 cents of advice go to amazon.com and purchase MODDING FOR DUMMIESand create your own DAMN MODS
  • Idroj30
    2015-06-03 10:49
    good morning, THE FLY ON THE WALL. at all times respecting the prinicpal mod, before being converted, and if you know both create mods, to say or comment to go to www.amazon.com, because they think your a mod? , Here the only thing that does is convert a mod (best), if you know so much, because you do not? and then we tried all ??? since you are disrespecting. that anyone here: ArcticWolfModding, disrespectful to any mod, and becomes respecting creator. when you, you are disrespecting ........
  • Idroj30
    2015-06-03 10:51
    and another thing, there are converted mods, badly translated, and nobody says anything. it be that you are having envy because the mod is well made ??? I get that feeling
  • Idroj30
    2015-06-03 11:00
    then if we test all the mod that you have created or to be created, then so can we disrespect to you: THE FLY ON THE WALL. and in any case, the mod not been created, not only become ..... because you make a mod? and if you have errors, also we will miss him respect (me first) .....
  • Fs modder
    2015-06-03 14:25
    No credits file in any WS 4900 mods on ANY FS13 websites Without a credits file, AND a proper documented website, you're supposed to scour the net for that one freaking site that has all names?
  • Ga bulldogs
    2015-06-03 14:47
    Wow, trolls have to go somewhere lol, Keep up the banter, it's not hurting these downloads with all those names, why haven't they released fs15 mods or have they all retired? I know some have left fs because of trolls like you, thanks, now lets run off these guys too, great, soon there wont be any mods worth a penny, no wonder the are FREE!
  • Carolina boy
    2015-06-03 15:13
    Well, dang it, Sorry about that guys! This is my fault. I didn't see any credits file in the mod folders, and didn't go back to the site I got it from. Absolutely no disrespect to any modders. Things happen. So will try to get it removed from all sites until we can get proper permission. Thanks, I'll try to "scour" the net next time lol.
  • Winston958
    2015-06-03 17:37
    To mod hub do to the conflict please remove this mod from your site.
  • Fly on wall
    2015-06-04 00:12
    you troll.....you stole this mod just come out and admit it!
  • Idroj30
    2015-06-04 11:06
    FLY ON WALL, you like to kick ass right ??? . you're like a child, crying nonstop xd
  • Idroj30
    2015-06-04 11:13
    as an adult I am, I close this issue as adult conversation you are having: FLY ON WALL. and you get tired of ..... mourn because you have only dirty words, and so nobody wants to talk dirt so dirty, as you're doing when you get tired of acting like a child, then I will answer very kindly, but with your child performances, but yours will not respond to comments :)I would say in Spanish, but for education, use google translator ...... so if something mistranslated, I apologize :).
  • Idroj30
    2015-06-04 11:15
    finally, I say goodbye, bye bye
  • Crybabies
    2015-06-04 13:34
    another group of the adult 2 year olds again. better get the binky's because credits aren't right or permission wasn't given. guess everyone forgets anything that goes into GIANTS software becomes GIANTS and there for is free to share with public.
  • Fly


    2015-06-05 00:31
    enroll in a Spanish to English class and once you pass get back to me
  • Fly


    2015-06-05 00:34
    besides this is FARMING simulator.....take "your" Pepsi truck to ERUO TRUCK simulator
  • Idroj30
    2015-06-05 20:38
    mejor te lo pongo en mi idioma , y nos dejamos de tonterías por lo que veo le pones pegas a todo ...¿que te parece??? una conversación en privado tu y yo :) , y sin tantas tonterías , ya que eres tan crack :) .. empieza a madurar un poco, que te hace falta FLY ....
  • Idroj30
    2015-06-05 20:41
    te doy trabajo, traduce mis comentarios ........
  • Idroj30
    2015-06-05 20:56
    o no tienes narices? FLY
  • Idroj30
    2015-06-05 21:04
    por cierto, me empiezas a dar asco FLY ...traduce...
  • Fly


    2015-06-06 02:58
    grow up......i noticed you put your own brand name on the mud flaps and stated my concern for you stealing this mod, and your barking at me like a 12 year old.....i dont want to talk to you anymore because your a immature teenager picking fights......please just STOP~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Idroj30
    2015-06-06 10:12
    jaja ya decia yo. mucho hablar y poco acer . era fácil parar tu jilipollez FLY . vas de crack, solo se te tenia que parar lo maduro que eres (o sea nada) . aprende a respetar a los demás y seras respetado, ahora si tu no respetas, los demás no te respetaran. y por lo que veo, cometiste un error, y lo has captado . asín me gusta . que aprendas (porque te hace falta CAMPEÓN)....por cierto no tengo 12 años, pero solo te tenia que dar la patada en el culo (que es lo que buscabas).-
  • Idroj30
    2015-06-06 10:16
    eres el típico jilipollas, que solo se te tiene que darte una patada, y así aprendes . y empieza a respetar , y antes de hablar de algo, primero mira si lo que dices es cierto o cometes un error (que es lo que has hecho)........ el niño de 12 años eres tu , no yo , tengo unos cuantos mas de 12 ........ aprende un poco, que te hace falta , que eres un troll........ aprende a mejorar como persona FLY
  • Idroj30
    2015-06-06 10:25
    TRADUCE TROLL....... FLY.y finalizo la conversación que eres un TROLL
  • Dan


    2015-06-11 05:36
    To be honest, the good modders still release their stuff. Care less who takes it, adds to it, mods it, anything else.It's the modern modder who thinks his "work" should be credited everywhere it goes. TO those people, you're ruining the community n which FS was established. Make you private mods and share. Gives the lesser xp modder something to work with.Release your mods, and be proud when someone edits them and tries to take credit. Life is short, mod it up.
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