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White CaseIH Magnum and Puma  6 Pack V1.4 Final
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White CaseIH Magnum and Puma 6 Pack V1.4 Final

V1.4 Final No Errors.

White CaseIH 3 Magnums and 3 Puma's with HDR textures, Carbon Roofs Dyeable wheels, Larger radius front wheels, slightly darker glass, toned down body reflections, 1 of each has standard power the rest are tweaked. Washable and Multiplayer YES. Magnum's are 195000 to buy, Puma's are 95000. 1 30mb zip for all machines.

Original by Giant's, Mod by Stevie.

  • Guest
    2015-02-12 11:14
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    Thankyou Stevie.i have added to my collection of your great mods.
  • Guest
    2015-02-12 18:41
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    Thanks again as well. Would I be able to utilize your mods in my upcoming map as a modpack? Will use link to here and all the proper credits.
  • Guest
    2015-02-21 13:34
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    To Guest above Yes use the Mods, Stevie.
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