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White Planters Pack v1
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White Planters Pack v1

It 2 planters that White brand has, the 9700 and the 9824. I used the JD 1770 Pack to re textured. They have all the markings that the White planters has. They will go great with AGCO products. Have fun.

John Deere 1770
Abel Modding for the original model and scripting
James Brandt for the wheel animations
Justin Bartsch for the flex, and finding that elusive bad collision.
jb3pc4sale fixed skipping North, South textures.

  • Jeremy
    2016-07-27 03:27
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    It's nice to finally see White planters in the game. However, the 9700 should only be 9 meters wide, not 18 since it has half the number of rows of the 9824.
  • Matt
    2016-07-27 04:55
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    THAT MOD IS FROM AMERICAN EAGLES MODDING!!!!!!!!! http://americaneaglesmodding.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=1337
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2016-07-27 05:58
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    Yes I know I posted it there to. Like the Case planters and the JD planters I fix. I have full permission. As for the 9700 it is 18 meters wide for the game. Remember it just a game. I have big maps and need big wide equipment. There is a lot of mods not to scale. Just have fun.
  • Cornfed
    2016-07-27 06:42
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    planters wont load, after purchase, next screen just freezes
  • Cornfed
    2016-07-27 06:59
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    Seems the planter does not like the states map
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