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Wienhoff 20200 VTW v2.0
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Wienhoff 20200 VTW v2.0

I have the permits !!!

Here is a Wienhoff 20200 VTW barrel.
It costs € 67,000.
The maintenance costs 45 €.
It packs 20200 liters.

It has tire dust, turn signals and brake lights.
You have to refuel it in the cesspit with "R".

I have now found that when the patch 1.4.1 an error occurs in the V2 which will be resolved.
There have been deleted because they were not compatible features much.

Modell: steyr1 Textur: Katsuo,L4Icce
Ingame: John Deere 6930
Script: John Deere 6930
Performance-Tuning: MadMax
Reifen&Felgen;: PES 4ever
Konventierung: Boby-2000

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