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Windchaser v1.3
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Windchaser v1.3

Welcome to Windchaser Farms!  It is a small crop farm operation located in the beautiful region of NorthWest Wisconsin. It is currently Fall so enjoy the maples leaves as they turn their beautiful colors and the cool crisp air on your skin.  It is harvest time in this little town!


  • Guest
    2015-03-14 22:32
    So is this the error-laden, non-finished map that Joe Lindberg, the creator of the map, has said was released without his permission?
  • Mod police
    2015-03-14 22:41
    it is joes mapthanks uploader we may never see the map now pat yourself on the back have a beer cheers you rat bastard!!!
  • Dave
    2015-03-14 22:56
    Wow!! thomas lots of pics you must love it so much
  • Bt


    2015-03-14 23:11
    Will you put download on ModHub that web cite has virus
  • Bt


    2015-03-14 23:13
    yes joe will be really MAD
  • Guest
    2015-03-15 01:43
    who's this Joe guy and why do you all have your lips glued to his rear??
  • Guest
    2015-03-15 02:11
    There are no lips glued to ass, he is a modder who had unfinished mods released against his will and now the community may never get to use his creations. For this same reason many modders have stopped making public mods for the FS community. 99% - 100% percent of the mods from this site are stolen from other sites and reuploaded here. Just so everyone is aware I don't care who the modder is, if he or she has mods released against their will it hurts no one but the community,
  • Guest
    2015-03-15 02:31
    haha, i know plenty of people who put mods on this site that were the original creators of the mods, enough that 99% is a little high for stolen mods. there may be stolen mods on this site, there's stolen mods on most sites. but not anywhere near 99%.
  • Mike
    2015-03-15 02:44
    great job Joe.....this is a beautiful map..so far one of the best I've seen yet..there will always be some bad ass out there that will ruin it for others..I hope you do finish it..thanks
  • Guest
    2015-03-15 02:56
    Joe doesn't releases his mods anyway. I think the real windchaser is a photoshop product
  • Name
    2015-03-15 04:57
    don't all mods belong giants since after all once put in giants software to create, it then becomes there's
  • Bob


    2015-03-15 05:28
    If you all really thought that over hyped dentist would ever really release any of his maps you are stupid. He dangles the carrot in front of everyone to get subscribers to his youtube channel and to have an army of mindless idiots to attack anyone he tells them to
  • Y & t
    2015-03-15 06:31
    Exactly right Bob. He never intended to release that map. Or anything else. He isn't that talented anyway.
  • Mark
    2015-03-15 08:20
    to bad for people did this guy ask joe first or did he take upon himself aand this is not the map that we have seen on ytube so where did this person get the map in the first place
  • Name
    2015-03-15 12:26
    I say good on you lad who posted it as Joe faked a release just to get more likes on his fb page and more likes to his youtube account which was fake advertising and dishonest so whoever you are lad thankyou for sharing what was never going to happen from Joe and just to add all mods that goes through Giants software belongs Giants .
  • Guest
    2015-03-15 15:07
    uh mark, it is windchaser, an older version but it is the map seen from joe, just not completely finished i would say. but still a version that was never going to come from joe as this ego obsessed dentist has no plans of ever releasing anything ever. he "fans" are mindlessly following him for nothing.
  • Bt
    2015-03-15 18:10
    Everyone take a chill pill.Whats done is done. Mods kind of have no owner but the maker should be in control but also should lean to share. People post mods to share if we didn't share we would probably be back in the stone age. Im glad people post mods on this site its nice and easy with no viruses (so far) So loosen up!
  • Jacob
    2015-03-15 18:13
    When i try to un-zip the file to put it in the mod folder my computer says no such file is there can you fix that on next version? Thanks
  • Guest
    2015-03-15 18:57
    LMFAO, what a publicity stunt for a person who CLAIMS he builds mods, and who CLAIMS he is building this map, I say nice job DENTIST, wonder if you will get all the glory on your fake YouTube-may you burn in mod thieving hell and may this map go viral.
  • Frank
    2015-03-15 19:28
    I have to agree with Bob. I don't think he ever intended to release his map! Too be so butt hurt over one person that has his mods! So what? I've had a mod of mine used with out permission on maps before and without giving credits. Who cares, shows me they must of liked it to use it. If he's so butt hurt over just one person who he says doesn't respect him, then he's going to have a tuff life!
  • Name
    2015-03-15 20:31
    I agree with frank he didn't release it in 13-14 why 15
  • Dave
    2015-03-15 21:25
    Its the real deal just early version who cares if its posted as the damage is done and the newer version wont be released to public and the sooner all these people that thinks it will happen you need your head read as i agree with bob and others if he was going to release he would of such a big fake is joe
  • Nameless from fscreen
    2015-03-16 00:11
    He's no mod god, just a talented modder, who prefer getting famed for not releasing his work !
  • Guest
    2015-03-16 01:37
    When i go to un-zip the file it says it dosen't exist like, Jacob
  • Name
    2015-03-16 05:59
    this map needs a lot of work to consider using
  • Name
    2015-03-16 14:05
    i think all things considered it's a pretty good map, must be a map snob if you wouldn't use it in the state that its in for this download. not to mention there's so much room to edit it the way you would want to edit it. i've come across completed maps i would never even touch. but i look at like this, since he's never going to release his mods at least we get something from him.
  • Chris
    2015-03-17 09:23
    Dude id give my left moller for a Final version of this map THANKS A LOT BUDDY!!!! And thankes joe or Makin it
  • Guest
    2015-03-17 12:13
    we would all love to have a final version of the map. it is a great map. even in this version it's great and i'm glad i got it. we won't see a final version but this one is good enough for me.
  • Guest
    2015-03-18 04:10
    This is a good version of the map i have all ready started working on my own version of it its a great map to build from for any one wanting an american styled map
  • Guest
    2015-03-22 21:37
    Its a nice map with alot of time spent on it i can tell , to bad its made by a snobbish modder who takes from the community but never gives anything in return . The U.S based Modding community is for the most part like that sadly. Just be glad there are modders from all over the world giving back to the FS community, many who give and take nothing in return.
  • Joe lindberg fan
    2015-04-01 01:25
    **** you all ******* Joe lindberg is a good talented modder.
  • Guest
    2015-04-02 03:03
    Pleasant Valley !
  • Nameless
    2015-04-04 20:26
    joe lindberg a good and talented modder? what the hell are you smoking? joe is an ego maniac looking for attention by not releasing his half ass mods someone else edited for him in the first place. he deserves all the shit that comes his way.
  • Lindbejb
    2015-06-10 08:24
  • Tired of whiners
    2016-01-25 07:04
    So many modders act like they are getting paid for this, I am so sick of the whining and the bragging about spending x amount of hours on a mod but not releasing it. All that says to me is that it is a shit mod and you dont want your name on it. Bunch of 5 year olds not wanting to share your toys.
  • James
    2018-05-29 06:10
    im no map modder, but i have learned enough to edit this map. Added my own touch to it but will never release it. the map maker did an awesome job with how far he got on the map. this map wasnt working properly now im able to enjoy this map with my hard work as well as the original makers work. hats off to the person who made this map but not to the theif.
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