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Wood chipper bruks un plus
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Wood chipper bruks un plus

This is not my modifaction ! I don't take credit for this mod ! I am just uploading so other people can enjoy!

Edited By:MoparDan Author: sarunas13

  • Sp382013
    2015-12-20 04:19
    This version according to the editor will cut down trees and grind stumps. Make sure your pulling a trailer for wood chips.
  • John
    2015-12-20 15:45
    great mod, error free and works awesome
  • Bump
    2015-12-20 21:34
    Fail on this one.. the sounds only work part time.. the chipper will cut down a tree.. but there is no way to get the stump unless you have a tractor that the 3 point hitch will drop to the ground. Might as well just use the old Bruks because this one is not any better.
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