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Wood Klemmbank Trailer v1.0
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Wood Klemmbank Trailer v1.0

Today, I present you my Klemmbank for forestry tractors before because it appears to have no of them are.
All necessary functions are installed for example. Dynamic Mount Attacher, washable etc.

Since physics from LS is quite wabelig, I had quite high fix the weight of this trailer (14000kg)
For this is the famous "pull apart" no longer available from timber grab, so everything has a "Stable" connection!
So you need at least one agent big tractor for this trailer !!!
We see in the attached video though I three Strong trees always transport but I recommend only two trees! I have designed the Klemmbank on 2 Thick trunks that be considered are discussed in for example, review or comments !!!

Matching cranes with dennen you can load the trailer:

Modell: t0xic0m
Textur: t0xic0m
Script: t0xic0m
Idee / Konzept: t0xic0m
Tester: t0xic0m

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