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Woodworking set v1.1
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Woodworking set v1.1

- New factory script (now no more problems on the server)
- Sales Trigger scored a mark
- Small bug fixes

Now the wood processing Pack 1 also comes as placeable objects.
Important !: You must place the enclosed sawmill! That of Marhu is not compatible with the other systems.

In Pack 3 systems:
- Sawmill: Production of wooden pallets, a by-product is wood chips. For the production of wood and other fuels is needed (wood chips, straw or wool pallets)
- Wood crown Movement: From the wooden pallets wooden apex produced on pallets. as Nebenproukt also produced wood chips
- Charcoal Factory: From the wooden pallets apex Holtz coal is produced. In addition water is needed as a cooling for the system.

Thanks go to Marhu!


  • Mohamed
    2016-01-12 03:28
    Hello,i cant refill tanks with water....can you help please?
  • Bufaloe
    2016-01-12 08:29
    I can't refill the tanks with water either, need some help too.
  • Jaro
    2016-01-12 11:33
    The water is given from the outside, there's a red connector.
  • Plishany
    2016-01-12 12:29
    refil with this http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/kotte-universal-pack-v2-5/
  • Mohamed
    2016-01-12 19:37
    Thank you, i will try.I have already tried with standard water trailer and gaz 57 water truck. i will see if kotte will work.
  • Mohamed
    2016-01-13 11:14
    Hello,It works, thx.
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