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Wright St. Clair Railway Road v1.0
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Wright St. Clair Railway Road v1.0

Wright St. Clair Track Racer Bicycle from 1898.

Modification for Farming Simulator 15

The Wright Family was building bicycles in the late 19th and early 20th Century.
Their famous sons, Wilbur and Orville, invented the motorized flight in 1903.

Author 3d model:
unknown (internet)

Modification 3d model:
Conversion FS15:

Stefan Geiger

animated parts
attacher for mounting to vehicles
3 camera views
no log errors

This model altered by me is free for everyone, and may be altered and re-released
without any further permission. Upload on any site permitted and wanted.
For release please name all mentioned authors.
Commercial use strictly prohibited.


  • Zorlac sucks
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    Videogamscanada must know about this!!!!!!
  • Julien
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    Lol ! lorsque l'on descend du vélo,il y a les mains et les grolles qui reste accrochées au guidon et au pédales.
  • Zorlac
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    je t en merde zorlac
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