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Wumas Riverside Map v1.0
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Wumas Riverside Map v1.0

Hello friends after LS LS11, LS13 now my map for LS15, they became the great part redesigned new landscape yard and the street.
There was a lot of the original map built further from the Marhu CompostMaster, Compost -GMK Mod, Mod WoolPaletteCollector and Water v 3.1.5 and still ChoppedStraw_15_0_03 of webalizer.
Folder has to be unpacked.

So now to the only times the Map General:
You have 3 fields at the beginning (24, 29, 30) with a total area of about 5.97 ha.
Fruits: Fruits standard
Animals: cows, sheep, chickens
Unloading stations: transport company, shipping company, windmill, wood stock, biomass cogeneration plant, grain storage, freight station, BGA, garden center Compost
Missions: yes
MP compatible: yes
Built: Wuma
I hope I have all errors on the Map eliminated should still be errors on the Map report to me. In this sense, a lot of fun with the map.
mfg Wuma
PS: Important: It is not allowed to use the map in a different form to be reset to the DL..


  • Hezron
    2019-01-14 17:50
    This is the best map I ever played on FS2015. Lots of selling points and you can even sell manure and use your collected straws to make them. The location looks beautiful and there are many square or rectangular lands (very important, I hate lands that are out of shape) Please make this mod for the 2019 & 2017 version of the game.
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