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Xerion Saddle Track Pack v2.0
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Xerion Saddle Track Pack v2.0

Xerion slurry and manure pack
Credits: Forbidden mods, Jerrico, gnescher, fin050808, TheSecretLife
Thanks for your sharing.
Tag Polofreak211
Xerion and manure and manure building construction are washable
What is needed is only the original manure Cultivators
It is the old known problem solved (after buying one's feet), it must be returned no law !!!
New level indicator on the barrel and new dirt on the pump.
To fill the drum must be selected !!!
Tested SP and MP, Log is error-free
Tube is controlled by mouse, a pipe and out is done by pressing O when selected.

Forbidden Mods, Jerrico,gnescher,fin050808,TheSecretLife

  • Le gall
    2015-04-26 23:02
    super mods enfouisseur lisier pas compris dans le pack mais pas de souci il faut prendre le zunhammer zunidisc dyeable
  • Langnesi
    2015-04-26 23:18
    why did you do something like that this is mod is not yours why do you load it up in your name
  • Kamil
    2015-04-27 23:39
    I tested this modhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CezwnIsntI
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