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XML for Lemken Rubin v1.1
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XML for Lemken Rubin v1.1


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I the Lemken Rubin of RedFox
really great find and I have been looking for so iner Scheibenegge me but some deficiencies have noticed I have a fix I now want to share with you because I'm still frequently asked about it wrote.

via the optical inconsistencies I can safely ignore.
disturbed correctly but made ??me the chassis.

What have I changed?
The cultivator is no longer supported on the roll but is excavated to the chassis.
The hubwek DERS tug is parallel to the chassis carried (more real than just the back and then the slices).
The suspension pivots diem work not so far upwards.

For instalation
(Backup make !!)
Simple XML in Ruby folder (FS15_LemkenRubin9.zip) replace my. done


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