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XRD Village v1.0
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XRD Village v1.0

Hello! I want to show you my new map. Welcome to the XRD Village! Beautiful small map.
Overall map contains: forest place, ready fields, gullemist mod, water mod, door trigger, super silo, multi spray, car traffic and other...
We have 1 small farm and a few interesting start machines. There are all most important things. We can have animals. Cows and chickens. You will also find many details on the map.  
The map is finished, however, it may be the next version with corrected errors.
Map works very well on every computer!
Please Keep Original Download Link!

Map by T0bi69

  • Thebman
    2016-07-09 00:25
    very nice map!
  • Gabriel
    2016-08-13 18:21
    plz fix the map so I can se were Everything is
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