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Zabudowa GoldFox
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Zabudowa GoldFox

- Texture in DDS. (AO)
- No errors in the log
- Clipdistance set at 300
- The pack is attached file "Read"
- The package is also AnimationDoorTrigger.
- I tried to make buildings weighed the least,
- The model can be fired only the new version of GE (6.0.2 etc.)
- The door opened to "O"

Model: GoldFox
Texture: GoldFox
InGame & AO: GoldFox
Help: DBL Modding fractal Ziuta, Perez

- Categorical prohibition of changing the link!
- If you move, you copy the entire contents of this post!
- Prohibition editowania and issuing!
- The ban on adding links alternative!
- Prohibition of giving reflinków!
- Please download the original link.

The more people will abide by these rules is very likely that another building will come out a lot faster!
If you see that someone somewhere does not comply with regulations necessarily report it to me!
Installation AnimationDoorTrigger + + + text file texture = 17MB (Probably worth a download)


  • Miguel
    2016-03-18 23:19
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