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ZD Nova Ves 2015 v1
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ZD Nova Ves 2015 v1

I'd like to introduce you to two (perhaps better)
map for FS 2015 from Agrar Czech modding team Map
ZD Nová Ves is larger map containing medium and large fields.
On the map are two villages (Ves, Polypsy)
There is a main road, minor asphalt road and a lot of field trips.
The map also placed water features and a train.
There is areal ZD Nova Ves,
area of livestock production, the complex sale and purchase of agricultural machinery, butcher (slaughterhouses)
purchase of wool and straw, farm gate milk purchase eggs ransom crops, forestry area, the area saw a redemption logs and complex BGA.
The map is also plenty of room for planting forests and thus are discarded and miners. map includes: basic + sunflower crops, oats, rye, clover area animal: cows, sheep, chickens, calves, pigs
Mod: Gulle mod, chopped straw, Wasser mod option of logging
patch: 1.4.2

AgrarCzech modding team

  • Tvrdas
    2016-02-20 19:35
    ohohoooooo....thats stolen map from original link in czech server ulozto.cz: http://ulozto.cz/xtfUTDoJ/unpack-zd-nova-ves-2015-rar .... pls use our original link. there you can find all mods for this map...
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