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Zdrapkowo BY KamilVixa& Marus212
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Zdrapkowo BY KamilVixa& Marus212

Hello. Finally nadejszła :) this moment when I convey our dzieło.Mapa you have to have a different feel and shape, but there were problems, but it came out much much better :) this is due Marus212, once again many thanks :) I think that the map will be enjoyed. Yours

What's in the map:
- 2 farm
- Polish climate
- Hens, cows
- Manure, buying bales
etc ..

- Prohibition of editing maps, unless for yourself!
- Prohibition change the link!
- You can be on other forums, provided copy an entire post!

KamilVixa& Marus212

  • Xemus
    2015-03-28 16:25
    Mapa spoko dawajcie dalej ale zmniejszcie troche te kolorki trawy bo troche wali po oczach a tak to 5/5 dawajcie dalej :D pozdrawiam
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