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ZIL 131 Pack updated v1.0
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ZIL 131 Pack updated v1.0

Includes tractor, timber (transporting logs of medium length), kung (transports vodka, grain, cement, flour, the volume of 4235 liters), side body (transporting potatoes in bags, the volume of 2133 bales, pallets, trays, etc., The opening side mouse forced unloading bales), dump (transporting wheat, barley, corn, canola, sunflower, sand, rye, oats, sand, chaff, potato, sugar beet chips, silage, grass, bales, pallets, pallets. Body volume 5683 l.).
The maximum speed of 90 km / h, the driver of an animated, mobile pendant, lighting equipment, dust, traces of dirt, mirrors.
Dimensions tailored to the real, fixed Physics.


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