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ZIL 5417 Pack
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ZIL 5417 Pack

- Speed of 90 km/h
- Two realistic camera quality textures
- Dust, traces, tried to bring physics to the real
- Corrected almost all the errors in the log
- Lighting works, foot size, work norms.

Also included:
- Modular body has been edited by its size, MAN Mulde v1.0 for Farming Simulator 2015
- Transports: wheat, barley, canola, corn, sugar beets, potatoes, grass, straw, wheat and barley, chaff, silage, fodder, foodmixture, wood chips, manure (12,000 l).
- The choice of color. Washable

Please ask to download the original link ShareMods.com !!!

R.U.S.L.A.N, Lexan, DUFATA, Zombi88888, sanya1970, [email protected]=- , Dimon676, Gnescher, kto_totutzdes

  • Jeremyj621
    2015-12-19 03:28 Send message
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    Very nice truck, but a few things need to be clarified: truck shows up as ZIL MMZ 555 on mod list and shop menu, not ZIL 5417. The module can be colored the way the user wants, but not the truck itself. Also, when the module is purchased, it must be reset to farm, otherwise it is too low to get the truck under to attach (at least it is on Westbridge Hills map when purchased).
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