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Zil MMZ 164N Pack v1.2
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Zil MMZ 164N Pack v1.2

Mod tested the game Farming Simulator 2015 Truck truck-tractor with polupricepami per stroke motion proâvlâût dust and ostavlâût footprints. In the works than VSE svetotvoe equipment, mirrors reflecting. Otkryvaûtsâ hood and doors.

- Trailer for transportation of animals, ride pigs and calves;
- Trailer with cisternoj for Liquid Manure, perevozit focus;
- Trailer with cisternoj perevozit fuel, zapravlâet technique;
- Trailer with cisternoj "Moloko" driving water and milk;
- Semi-trailer timber transport, perevozit Brevna;
- Flat-bed trailer for transport vehicles;
- Trailer with platfomoj for bales, perevozit bales.

Author creator: xaker_tm, Zombi88888, Silak_68.
Mod truck for fs 15 created by the author - werika.

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