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Zolkiewka v4
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Zolkiewka v4

Hello everyone, as was promised flies map in your hands Sorry for the lag well but I can not help but not a long time they will not be at all

The map is at:
Pure map to Heros & Mafia Solec

Author: Heros

The prohibition of changing link on your
Prohibition edition unless for their own needs
The ban on drawing textures, models, or trees, etc.

What map has:
- PDA but only those about to be
- Mod chaff
- Manure and manure v2 v2
- Mod lime
- Very interesting terrain
- Polish climate and more Lubelski
- Cows in the barn and the pasture
- Chickens walking in the yard
- Pigs in barn
- One purchase
- Two functional farm
- New real textures of the soil and crop
- The new look of straw
- Flooded Meadow
- Forest with the possibility of cutting down trees
- Feeding of animals in the barn and the pasture
- Turn down the animals in the barn and the pasture
- Super silo tigger
- Silage silos
- New field roads
- All tiggery
- And more things about which they convince themselves


  • Frank
    2015-08-23 19:36
    map looks good in video, but file is passworded and doesn't show in game?
  • Carlos
    2015-08-25 12:47
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