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ZT 303 Sound Update v1.0
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ZT 303 Sound Update v1.0

Fortschritt ZT 303 soundUpdate BY LudmillaPower
Good evening !
Here I present my sound update for the progress ZT 303 Pack before Tatra 148 from the Gtschmiede!
Here is the original sound of the ZT 303 !!!
Here was the whine of the gearbox in reserve of original mod, it was pushed by me as gear whine in the background so as Run2 Sound and verdumpft qualizer e.
The driving sound was taken from the ZT 303 of Aupuff under load.
In the script, the values ??were whom the tractor in the helper mode moves changed the A uspuffgeräusch So you can hear in the Färne yet.
Yes start and Leehrlauf are also newly everything from ZT 303
Hope it Gefählt you Würe look forward to a recommendation.
Greetings your LudmillaPower
PS: Just copy the files in the zip and paste in the corresponding ZT

EDIT By LudmillaPower

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