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Zunhammer Liquid Manure Pack v1.0
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Zunhammer Liquid Manure Pack v1.0

Zunhamer 1850PE and Zunidisc, Tanker has 30000 capacity and will operate at 25kmh with new paint and dyeable wheels. Zunidisc has new paint and will also operate at 25kmh. Washable and multiplayer YES.

Unzip the archive and you will have a zip for each machine to place in your mods folder.

Original by Giant's, mod by Stevie.

  • Guest
    2015-01-10 19:33
    Thankyou for these will add to my collection of your mods.I have 42 with these added of your great mods,just need a Harvester and lorry if you are doing them (lorries i have got could not pull the skin of a rice pudding).
  • Guest
    2015-01-10 21:07
    A full New Holland Combine, all headers and trailer for them are going up now. Been working on the pack all day.
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