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Zunhammer manure BiTrem Shuttle v1.0
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Zunhammer manure BiTrem Shuttle v1.0

This slurry feeder are any kann.Damit consecutively coupled so that you can put together good mobile road trains can be transported to the manure Feldrandcontainer or to the manure barrels.
Price: € 37,500 each
Capacity: 32,000 L
Washable: Yes
Glossy: NO
Mod must not be unpacked
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  • Fiz


    2015-07-05 04:10 Send message
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    Tried to use it to sell slurry at a garden center but the unload option didn't work. The trigger presented the unload in the menu but it wouldn't accept any input. Transferred slurry fine to other trailers if that's all you want.
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