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 John deere 915 v ripper v1.0
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John deere 915 v ripper v1.0

9 and 11 shanks ripper (plough)
hp: 360-600
It is washable
The hitch pivots
Has dirt animations

For questions and concerns go here: www.facebook.com/Banks.INC
also a like would be appreciated as well Thank you!

Model: Jdm(basic) Banks.Inc
Texture: Banks.Inc
Script: Banks.Inc
Idea / Concept:Banks.Inc
Testing: Unlimited Modding II

  • Classic
    2017-02-20 14:58
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    lBJ shanks from 2730 yet no credits? classic
  • Lol


    2017-02-20 18:11
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    LBJ 2730 that we have on this site for less than a weak doesn't even work you can buy it drive around with but it doesn't plow -_- so it's true that credit are deserve to the one that created it but if it doesn't work that you give credit or not it will still be a piece of *****
  • That one guuy
    2017-02-22 03:49
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    This is stupid you are the people that wanted hillary for president @CLASSIC
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