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AmericanFarm v1 by MikeModding
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AmericanFarm v1 by MikeModding

Hi All,
Here is a new map by me. The name AmericanFarm,
There were a number of people who asked if I wanted to make a American map that I have now done.

Follow use:
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mikemoddingls
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/mikemoddingls

For Dutch Support:

What can you find in the map:
- Big farm for machine storage and potatoes and sugar beet storage. Straw sales
Farm you can relieve at night with the light switch boot.
- The cows, sheep, pigs are together on the 2nd erf
- Big grain storage at the animals-
- Big BGA
- Milk factory click here for the placeable milk mod
- Big Machine Shop
- Point of sale for the crops
- Extra fertilizer/seed sale point
- 14 Fields
- PDA Map


Map by Mike
Giants, American Eagles Modding, light Niggels, Lindbejb Modding, FS-UK

  • Tyler hulett
    2016-12-17 18:50
    0 0
    is this for fs 15
  • Name
    2016-12-17 20:13
    0 0
    No its for FS17 and its a great map been playing for 6 hours now and im enjoying every minute.
  • Gr4p3k1lla
    2016-12-17 20:21
    0 0
    man that was a rough download too many steps just for that map! PUT THE LINK HERE ON MODHUB
  • Farmer mike
    2016-12-17 20:56
    0 0
    PRZNDOC I have no clue what you are complaining about, I literally clicked 3 times and the map was downloading and 20 minutes later it was done. It's a large file on an obviously no name download site so that's actually an acceptable time for download. There were no adds, no half hour signing up for anything or even anything close to that, was a simple 3 clicks which including page loading took a whopping 30 seconds.
  • Faelandaea
    2016-12-17 21:02
    0 0
    Thank you once again, Mike. Reviewing this today. And don;t listen to others above. By "too many steps" I guess entering a user name and password is too much for some people. I actually like that fact that we can find all of your mods in one place :) Keep up the good work :)
  • Farmer mike
    2016-12-17 21:04
    0 0
    The one gripe I have about this map (haven't actually loaded it up and played it yet but going to soon) is the fields are just big flat square boxes. Make them odd shapes and add some hills, valleys, streams and wooded areas around and in the fields and really make it feel like farming in the USA. If I knew the slightest thing about Giants Editor I would honestly do it myself and release a map lol.
  • Kyfarmer
    2016-12-17 23:43
    0 0
    @FARMER MIKElol that will be hard for him as he has no clue what its like to farm in america since he like has never even been here since he is european. and i have played on a few of his maps but none of which were really even any good
  • @ky farmer
    2016-12-18 00:24
    0 0
    Why is that people criticize others work and pretend to know someone when they don't, Be thankful that Mike uploads the mods he creates and enjoy. If you don't like don't download or get off your ass and make your own.
  • Seriously? crap
    2016-12-18 01:17
    0 0
    Really, bunch of fools here, who the hell puts a wind mill in the trees? Looks like nothing but a child making maps and idiots who have no clue. and YOU FAELANDAEA the biggest idiot of all, go somewhere else you idiot. You have no clue to this game,
  • 1,000 downloads = 1 like ha
    2016-12-18 01:19
    0 0
    HAHA, must be some GREAT map to have so many downloads and only ONE like.
  • Square fields haha
    2016-12-18 01:23
    0 0
    Well, must be a kindergarten kid lol, big square fields? I haven't seen many americans have BIG square fields. There is more to do on the old Family Farm map than this.
  • Viruses!
    2016-12-18 01:25
    0 0
    Website has viruses you idiots. Found two rootkits hidden in the files, nice european bloke that "loves" americans. Download at your OWN risk!
  • Viruses it does
    2016-12-18 09:18
    0 0
    yep it does have viruses i was downloading it my virus protector done away with two of them and canceled the download be aware at your own risk
  • Guest
    2016-12-18 10:24
    0 0
    go to modland.net has all the same downloads, even more than here, and has direct downloads from that sight, I dl'd this map in 4 minutes.
  • Tim121672
    2016-12-19 15:24
    0 0
    So far the map is really nice, I live in the U.S. and have seen many farms like this. The download was a bit of a struggle but worth it in my opinion. As a map builder myself I can tell all you guys who complain about maps not being up to your standards, go and build your own first and you will see what it takes. Its easy to hate on someone when your a troll.
  • Gator
    2016-12-20 18:04
    0 0
    Its a real nice map Mike .Reminds me of farms here in the USA . I will say the download link is a know website for some rather interesting malware . My antivirus detected well over 100 kinds of tracking, and some malware . But again thats how that website makes money .Thanks for a very nice map .
  • Jim


    2016-12-21 00:23
    0 0
    And just think...AEM supports this guy on there page but yet you cant download direct from there. I wouldnt waste my time to even think about signing up for a site thats filled with viruses. SMDH
  • Control freak
    2016-12-21 02:58
    0 0
    no good reason not to upload it here if it is advertised here.not gonna be bullied into signing up for any site for a download.I'd love to check it out, once it's available here, otherwise , have fun, Y'all.
  • Hycolake
    2016-12-22 15:16
    0 0
    this is a great map... I really enjoy playing it.. Only thing I don't like about it is the fences around farm ....
  • Snowfarmer
    2017-01-01 12:47
    0 0
    Love this map, Small yet simple plenty of room in any of the fields to allow you to add things if you so desire, And "PLENTY" of goodies and "HIGH GRADE" equipment to get you started.Thanks for the "GREAT MAP" as well as the fine work.
  • Jhcomputing
    2017-01-03 16:09
    0 0
    This map was in FS15 it was called the Big farm map needs more work!! to be the finished article.
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