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John Deere 8R 2010 USA v3.2
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John Deere 8R 2010 USA v3.2

Official version 8R  2010 in final 3.2 version
Found it on JHHG Modding FS17 - credits to him
- Dynamic Hoses
- New 38 wheels Configurations
- New cab (properly with one beacon with optional fenders)
- New textures
- JD hexcode green and yellow!
- New speculars
- New hood and frame sections
- NEW optional QuickHitch
- all 8R 2009/2010 motor configurations
- New, custom sounds
- Halogen lights (deleted leds)
- New coronas
- Lot of options: motors, fenders, weights, greenstar, quickhitch, farm logo and wheels
- Custom speculars on frame and Tires!
- New exhaust
- New front weight and support
- Axis for Row Crop wheels
- LSW Goodyear in options!
- Dynamic Tires
- Proper tire tracks for all wheels options
- Farm logo
- Error Free
- Reduced file
- New JD and numbers decals!
- Lights on console

* Credits for original model going to: TechMod
* Credits for this edit going to: JHHG Modding FS17

Donations - https://www.paypal.me/jhhgmodding

JHHG Modding 17 (JHHG Farms)
base model - TechMod

  • Guest
    2018-10-19 18:27
    Finally Deere which looks like Deere!Is there EU version in shop or options?
  • Jhhg modding
    2018-10-19 18:31
    ^Only US for now^ and thanks to upload my edit again :)...The only good thing is that someone thought about keep original link - please use this one from Google Drive
  • This one sucks
    2018-10-19 18:58
    A far better version was just uploaded a few day ago, no reason at all to use the version on this page. Try this one instead: http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2017-mods/2010-john-deere-8r-1-0/
  • Dexter
    2018-10-19 19:12
    Better than original! Saw it before on his page,I highly recommend it - error free and very very good quality, really like this Dynamic Hoses addon
  • Garbage
    2018-10-19 20:02
    Better ones have been posted here. This version is GARBAGE!
  • Rob t. madsen (nebraska)
    2018-10-19 20:21
    thanks JHHG Modding, Im not on facebook, so you get my THANKS here.
  • Jhhg modding
    2018-10-19 21:19
    RE#ROB T. MADSEN - Enjoy :)
  • @jhhg modding
    2018-10-19 21:54
    all in all, a really crappy edit by a beginner. keep trying little guy, maybe one day you'll do an edit worth downloading
  • Jhhg modding
    2018-10-19 22:28
    ^ Best available 8R 2010 US style - Enjoy!
  • Jjkovo
    2018-10-21 17:33
    Garbage mod - tractor sounds are amateur and the mod creator is a thief.
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