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Case Farmlift 632 v1.0
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Case Farmlift 632 v1.0

This Excavator is from FS15, I have converted it to FS17. There where no errors when corverting it. but in the game you CAN'T attach things to it. I will try to fix that tomorrow.
Have fun with the mod.

Model: DianModding
Scripts: DianModding
Converted: Thijs1239
Fixed Lights: Thijs1239

  • @thijs1239
    2017-01-30 20:50
    wheres the dam pictures
  • Thijs1239
    2017-01-30 20:53
    I make them right now
  • Okiejoe
    2017-08-01 01:53
    It's pitch fing black man how we suppose to see it
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