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PJ Trailer 25ft Plus Log Trailer V1
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PJ Trailer 25ft Plus Log Trailer V1

This Is My Converted PJ Trailer I am still working on the 40 ft trailer but here is the v1 of The 25 Ft Note There Is Errors still in mod Because of this being a new game version there is not a lot of info on how to fix issue yet but errors has not affected game play in any way and tension straps has been added If You dont mind having a few errors till I find a fix till then here you go lights work just have not added turn signals yet will be done in v2 after iv found fix for other light errors there is two trailers the standard 25ft and my pickup version log trailer both trailers has had a floor upgrade to dark hardwood looking floors have fun with it till v2 Im liking having them back loaded log trailer in pics did not have head rack added at time

second Note for those that has not spotted my gooseneck converted lizard TT pickup here is direct link you will need it or another with gooseneck ball  link posted in first comment box

Lost track of who Made the PJ Trailer Hats Off Great mods
thunderhawk09 fs17 conversion

  • Thawk09
    2016-11-07 21:57
    http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2017-mods/8729-lizard-tt-with-gooseneck-ball-v-1/Sorry about this head rack has no collision that will be fixed with v2
  • Johnt
    2016-11-08 00:30
    can you make a customization with ramps, other than that it looks great :)
  • Johnt
    2016-11-08 01:12
    just tried it out :) I love it. but I'm begging you now that I've please do one with ramps :)
  • Tim121672
    2016-11-08 01:22
    thanks, been waiting for this! loved this in 15...
  • Thawk09
    2016-11-08 02:33
    before anyone else post about freaking ramp there will be no ramps for the straight deck it never had ramps and I'm not starting now learn how to read I'm working on the 40ft and anyone who has used it knows it has A dove tail with ramps so back with the ramps crap
  • Johnt
    2016-11-08 03:04
    WOW love the attitude. maybe I'll just NOT use the damn thing because of that
  • Johnt
    2016-11-08 03:11
    P.S. maybe just maybe some of us have not used the 40 footer so how would we know
  • Thawk09
    2016-11-08 03:28
    well hell you come in there with two comments in a row about the ramps glad you like the mod but on another note your comment about not using it IDGAFRA If you use it or don't I converted them for me and since there is a lot of people been missing them in fs 17 already I decided to share them Its not like I'm benefiting by making money off of them If they are used I don't care There it is
  • @thawk09
    2016-11-08 04:30
    lose the attitude buddy or u will pay...your mods will be deleted with all who built
  • Thawk09
    2016-11-08 04:56
    yeah go for it I don't care to chicken to use a name
  • Ddfarms
    2016-11-08 05:29
    @Thawk09 Why the hell would you release a mod that has errors? Finish it right before you post it. And show some respect to the original creators and put them in the credits. You lost track of who created it? Give me a fucking break, it's not hard to find out. Let the real modders convert the old mods. Hell these trailers have already been released for FS17 and they were done right. Oh well, at least it's only here for the losers that support this site.
  • Thawk09
    2016-11-08 05:52
    DDfarms Go Fuck yourself all Of This Community Can go to hell bunch of cry baby pussies I'm done with it all I will make my mods for me and screw everyone else
  • Guest
    2016-11-08 06:58
    @DDFarms, I completely agree with you on your views on mods, they should b error free when posted, but not this site, here you can browse and download in peace, not have ur browser locked down with malware, spyware, and adware or other virsus, if you know of other sites that are clean, share them. i hate having to run security scans after i visit these sites.
  • Christian triplett
    2016-11-08 20:03
    Thawk, this is kinda a dumb question, but can i load pallets on the trailer without them falling off?
  • @thawk09
    2016-11-09 00:14
    are you a little salty bro learn how to mod before posting it to a mod website..u clam u built it well guess what buddy u didnt this trailer is from 13 nice try salty little boy
  • M


    2016-11-09 02:54
    He Never said he built it dumbass he said he converted it from 15 learn how to fucking read and yes pallets work
  • Chris
    2016-11-09 08:02
    sweet mod! would be sick if could add ramps and beacon
  • Patrickbarton
    2016-11-09 13:34
    This is why the community sucks. Stand your ground and good work THAWK09M
  • Crazyd
    2016-11-09 16:49
    @DDFARMSrealy then why dont you post a link to them so you can lay off THAWK09s back
  • Thawk09 eats salty balls
    2016-11-09 16:53
    Thawk09 is a douchefag shit ticket and all the little morons giving him words of support are ass wipes. This is a shitty convert done by a guy who can't mod and downloaded by idiots who have no idea what a good mod is.
  • Anonymous
    2016-11-09 19:26
    I just come here for teh comments and the lulz. You're all a fucking joke. People create / edit mods, and I can't imagine they're a super-modder so they can't fix all the error's, so they upload it here. Instead of being a tool and bitching about the error's. Fix them yourself! Oh what's that? You don't know how? THEN DON'T BITCH. Oh and rambow145 already released a working PJ with no error's btw.
  • M


    2016-11-09 20:46
    No rambow145 version was not finished and had no lights another dumbass that don't know what they are talking damn stupid ass people
  • Anonymous
    2016-11-10 03:23
    I care.. I can't give you my heart though.. but I can give you Deez Nutz.. bitch.
  • Losers
    2016-11-10 05:40
    Hey who all beats off while playing farm sim? You faggots. Get a life fuckwads. And ill give you my nuts you bitch ass faggot.
  • Anonymous is a pedophile
    2016-11-10 06:10
    I bet you say that all the little boys
  • Deerintheheadlights
    2016-11-10 09:27
    I feel so foolish! I came into this bathroom to wee, got caught up reading all these bathroom wall comments, and left without wee'ing. Reading all these well crafted, intelligent comments and retorts has left me slightly lighter in the grey matter area than was when I walked into this toilet, thanks for that. Oh, and let me save the some of you the extra brain power it would have taken you to comment on what I have said, as I shall now go "eff" myself. The sacrifices we adults must make.......
  • Ramps bro
    2016-11-11 01:54
    Yo can you put some ramps on it brah?
  • Deltaone
    2016-11-16 03:13
    One, the OP said it has errors, two he brought you a much wanted trailer for the simulator, three the real one doesn't have ramps as he said, fourth, he is working on more mods, for THE COMMUNITY. Everyone needs to chill, and if you think he can't mod, please release a better version if it doesn't fit your standards! GEEZ!
  • Gofoff
    2016-11-23 18:49
    ramps ramps ramps ramps ramps...
  • Micah1380
    2016-11-24 01:07
    its not working pls fix and cant wat for the a trailer with ramps.
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