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Thornhill Farm -  Final v1.2.1
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Thornhill Farm - Final v1.2.1

This Is The Final Update Release For A While Now Whilst I Focus On Other Maps.

Welcome To Thornhill Farm V1.2.2! A Large Sized Map With 43 Fields! You Have One Small Yard And Lots Of Equipment.
- This Map Is A Ficticous Map Based In Flatland America.

*** Update Info ***

Update V1.0.1

- 11 More Fields Added.
- Biogas Facility Added.
- Sawmill Added.
- Bio Heating Facility Added.
- Designated Forestry Area Added.
- Added More Foliage
- Increased All Sale Prices.

Update V1.0.2

- Hired workers now go to edges of fields correctly.

update V1.2.0

- Fixed missing ChoppedStraw_SDK folder error
- Fixed Bunkersilo1 duplicate error
- Fixed wood sell trigger

Update V1.2.1
- Fixed some trees that were outside of the map
- Removed loads of trees that were duplicated or too close together
- Added some more details
- Fixed field dimensions for hired workers
- Fixed field sizes (hectares)
- Fixed field prices
- Added 2 new water refill triggers (lake and river by field 43)
- Added some new vehicles
- Missions now available on all fields except 1-7 33 and 43!

Update V1.2.2 - Final

- Fixed BGA Siloking trigger that was a collision and not letting you drive past.
- Put ground markings down for BGA silo bunkers, woodchip sale and wood sale points.
- Added some signs to the map

As stated this is the FINAL update for a while whilst I focus my work on other mods and maps.
I appreciate your downloads, feedback and media that I have seen of the maps I have created.
I hope you enjoy this update.



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