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1970 International LoadStar Grain Truck v1.0
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1970 International LoadStar Grain Truck v1.0

Added, new Sounds, Fixed lights and Converted to 2017. All credits go to original Author.

Caminokid, westmorgan, KulJe7 17

  • Lol


    2017-03-23 16:53
    Crappy conversion. Wrong wheels paint is way to glossy.
  • Zzzzz
    2017-03-23 22:31
    nice conversion only thing i see wrong is the outside cameras they could be fixed as they seem all weird to me as its zoomed way over top of the bed or inverted it seems like & gets stuck under truck. a V2 with this fixed & all will be great, any plans on converting the flatbed version of this truck.
  • 82kbody
    2017-03-23 23:14
    @LOL not every conversion is perfect young one. if you want it better fix it yourself.
  • 82kbody
    2017-03-23 23:18
    Yes, I already have the Flat bed converted, but the lock script does not work.. I might plan do to a V2
  • Hey buster,
    2017-03-24 01:38
    This is Tim Shafers truck from 15. just so everyone knows
  • Dreammaker
    2017-03-24 06:28
    ok were are the textures for grain and tip point register
  • @82kbody
    2017-03-24 11:09
    Already have this converted the right way so what you got next there chief. Most likely another piece of shit half done mod like That retard Thawk Does. How many versions you gonna do before getting it right.
  • 82kbody
    2017-03-25 03:54
    Its not my mod, I just converted it. So don't put that shit on me or no more uploads on this site. #Paidmods
  • Lmao
    2017-03-25 13:34
    Like I Care if you upload any mods. Be one less shit head doing crap mods.
  • Thawk09
    2017-03-27 16:42
    @LMAO Your a true chicken shit you set there on that keyboard hiding behind no names talking shit about everyone's mods but you have never made your first mod or done a conversion for that matter so it just goes to show you what a big SOB you are go sit and rotate on a fence post You P.O.S
  • 82kbody
    2017-03-29 12:46
    Hey Guys, I have moved to Modland.net for my Conversion Uploads.. Find me there.
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