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1992 GMC Sierra One Ton Truck v1.0
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1992 GMC Sierra One Ton Truck v1.0

Today we bring you another Farming Simulator Conversion by Different Breed Modding.  This time up to the blocks is a 1992 GMC Sierra One Ton Truck.  A true workhorse of a pickup.  With a knee knocker tow hitch and a gooseneck to boot you won’t be struggling to move your trailers around.

Mod Features
Tow Hitch
Classic Truck

Original Author Camino Kid. Conversion/mods Different Breed Modding.

  • Wulfgar_4111
    2017-11-11 17:07
    can u see if u can get that red augusta rescue helicopter from fs 15 i loved that hekicopter
  • Silviu1993
    2017-11-12 16:30
    mod review here.................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_L4KwF-kxPM
  • Fugly fs13 cube maps
    2017-11-13 01:36
    We are playing FS 2017! Why are you still using those FUGLY FS13 cube maps?
  • Ryan
    2017-11-13 20:51
    Hey nice mod!
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