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1994 Cummins v1.0
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1994 Cummins v1.0

This is something new to Fs17 and this is alo my first mod to come to Fs17.

Ervingamez 01 or BlackSmoke

  • Bill
    2016-12-11 00:30
    give it new wheels like fules or forces
  • Zzzzz
    2016-12-11 03:44
    sweet 1st mod for FS17 nice job, needs a few things but learn as you go it needs a gooseneck ball/rear bumper hitch & collision inside the bed to haul stuff, but sweet 1st mod thanks for sharing it.
  • Blake mclain
    2016-12-11 15:47
    Good job Kody! If you want to put it into the pinned post in my Facebook group, go ahead.
  • Ervingamez
    2016-12-11 16:14
    Thanks for the great comments I will be making a version 2 of the truck and will be adding a few things.
  • Diesel mods
    2016-12-11 17:38
    Very nice model. As stated above it does need a little work but the handling and the actual model are on point. Very nice work.
  • Southern modding team
    2016-12-11 21:05
    DAMN great job kody!
  • Ervingamez
    2016-12-11 23:37
  • Micah1380
    2016-12-14 00:23
    love it please put a ball on it please great mod
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