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1994 Dodge 3500 Farm Truck v1
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1994 Dodge 3500 Farm Truck v1

This is a farm truck that I spent alot of time on, trying to get to function. Please do not upload any edits of this mod, personal edits to share with your friends is okay, but I don't want to see any edits uploaded.

McLain Modding
Pumbars (GTA Model)

  • Anonymous
    2017-01-18 16:27
    It's an edit of another mod.
  • Shit
    2017-01-18 18:41
    oh look, more shit
  • Zzzzz
    2017-01-18 21:58
    nice looking truck i cant wait to try it out.
  • Zzzzz
    2017-01-18 23:16
    i tried it out & its an amazingly sweet truck, not meant for GN trailers though as it hits the side boxes & wont allow steering but handles bumper pull trailers like a dream, of course it can always be edited & side boxes removed (which is what i might or have done) but leave the other one in place as well as i might have a grille guard or snow plow added.
  • Dalejr88
    2017-01-18 23:54
    This is not an edit, I pulled this out of GTA and did all of the Farming Simulator scripting myself.
  • Tim


    2017-01-19 01:08
    Hey man nice trucks like them all if you want add me on steam and we can play Steam: Hodgden
  • @dalejr88
    2017-01-19 02:13
    If you pulled it out of GTA then it IS in fact an edit of someone else's work as this is NOT a standard rockstar vehicle. Nice try but no.
  • Dalejr88
    2017-01-20 01:56
    Look, It is not an edit. I took the model, I redid a lot of the textures, I played with the model to get it to my liking, and I scripted it to work in Farming Simulator. I also scripted the tailgate, and the hood. That makes no sense to say that it is an edit, so until you learn how to make mods, and do anything remotely close to what I have the ability to do, don't tell me what my mods are, and aren't.
  • @dalejr88/ mclain
    2017-01-20 03:14
    You are no modder. Someone else built this mod. All you did was edit a few textures and threw someones wheels on it then pasted the body on someone elses scripts. Then you "MIGHT" have change a few lines in the scripting which is still EDITING someones mod. Plus why dont you give credit to the guy who really made the mods you edit from GTA? You take full credits like you did something.
  • Psmodding
    2017-04-16 22:48
    Great Mod!
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