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1996 Ford F-350 Hauler v1
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1996 Ford F-350 Hauler v1

Its like my other OBS just with a hauler bed.

Trucker429 (bassmaster429)


  • Onelonelyfarmer
    2017-02-17 23:44
    Seriously, do you NOT see all of the log errors? Why post a mod that has so many errors? it's junk
  • Guest
    2017-02-18 03:10
    you know you are just an arrogant ass-whole you know you are the type of people that are making it harder for us to get mods
  • @guest
    2017-02-18 04:19
    So ONELONELYFARMER can't say anything negative about mods? If people don't point out the bad in somethings, the mods will never get fixed. You can't have all good, you've got to have good and bad comments.
  • Trucker429
    2017-02-18 06:43
    @ ONELONELYFARMER you can go fuck yourself ok
  • Zzzzz
    2017-02-19 01:22
    right on TRUCKER429 you tell them buddy.
  • Black
    2017-02-19 17:39
    yo if this truck would be black it'd be excally like mine. thanks man
  • Koalat
    2017-03-04 02:16
    FINALLY an OBS mod. THese trucks are kick ass with the 7.3 *heart face*
  • Haters
    2017-04-29 17:17
    Hey Ash1223 go fucked your family modding ant easy its really hard so go fuck your self and make a mod and upload it it proably will be shit
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