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1996 Ford F-350 v1.0
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1996 Ford F-350 v1.0

1996 Ford F-350 SRW My 50th mod!

Trucker429 (bassmaster429)

  • Trucker429
    2017-02-11 18:52
    Like you can do better
  • Farmboy1539
    2017-02-11 20:07
    Not too shabby Trucker! I'm just glad to have one in game lol, I own a black '97 and have always wanted to model it just don't know enough about modeling yet. Anyway you could add a goose neck ball in the bed so it can pull the PJ trailers??
  • Dmaxmodding
    2017-02-11 20:18
    Maybe me and u can make a mod and we can release it on my youtube DmaxModding is my youtube search and and respond back if so
  • Sadsatan
    2017-02-11 21:34
    this mod is bullshit!!!!!!! it s full of errors and have the badder texture ever seen!!!!!
  • Farmboy1539
    2017-02-11 22:13
    The mod isn't really all that bad... there is only one log warning and that's a missing toolbox button. There are no actual log errors. However the interior camera is messed up (easy fix to do on your own), the textures aren't the greatest, there are no turn signals, and the interior doesn't match the actual truck. But unless you can mod quite giving this guy a hard time and just be glad he spent the time he did and allows you to use it.
  • Farmboy1539
    2017-02-11 22:14
    Not everyone can make the prettiest mods out there, it takes time and help from others as well. So be nice for crying out loud, would it kill ya? Trucker I edited this a bit and added by own working goose neck ball so no worries. Thanks again!
  • 82kbody
    2017-02-12 00:02
    Pretty cool mod any chance we can see a Square body? :) Not much of a fan of OBS the Highboys are much nicer
  • Zzzzz
    2017-02-12 01:58
    awesome truck, i love the OBS fords, the engine sound is sweet, inverted camera is a bit weird though (upside down) but i don't use interior camera anyways so that don't bother me, folks may complain/cry about no GN ball but that's what bumper pull trailers are for i say, i give this 10 stars
  • Emerling22
    2017-02-12 05:04
    hi what does srw mean
  • Trucker429
    2017-02-12 06:01
    single rear wheel
  • Tim121672
    2017-02-12 21:55
    Very nice start, cant wait for next version. keep up the great work.
  • Trucker429
    2017-02-13 05:03
    Thanks man!
  • Dylanfootitt
    2017-02-14 04:27
    SADSATAN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. "it s full of errors and have the badder texture ever seen!!!!!" How old are you like five or something? badder lol
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