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[FBM-Team] Rostselmash RSM161 *aktuelles Modell*  v1.0.0
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[FBM-Team] Rostselmash RSM161 *aktuelles Modell* v1.0.0

here the conversion of Rostselmash RSM161 Drescher of Kater_Kalijostro I the Com. like to make available.
Reconstruction / Features
Tape drives have been added
-Coronas swapped
Xenon light installed
-newExhaust Particle Effects
- Two engine versions (380 and 420 hp) with turbo logo, available in the shop
Air conditioning with rotating fan, available in the shop
-GPS antenna, deco
-Km / h shield
-Animated instruments extended
-Specular texture overworked
Reflection (mirroring) removed
-cosPower value increased (bit of gloss must be)
-Protection on the feeder (fades out / on if SW attachert / deattachert)
Tape Drive Set More Realistically (Driving Characteristics) u. other values in the xml * Thanks, Speedy *

Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden Mods.de
Umbau by: Kalijostro der kleine Kater
Eine Kooperation von speedy77 [FBM-Team]

  • Silviu1993
    2018-01-01 17:34
    mod video here................https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcrrZcqFKks
  • Silviu1993
    2018-01-01 21:04
    tu nous fait chier avec tes videos de merde, va te faire voir ailleursc'est minable, tu devrais arrêter au plus tôt, tu es une peste, comme thomas de merde
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