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NIVA SK-5 ME1 RED v1.1
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NIVA SK-5 ME1 RED v1.1

Combine the field СК5 МE1 in red.Combine Maritsa,leaves traces, dust from under the wheels,working lights (turn signals, emergency gang, beacon), hopper volume 3 tons. In the archive there are the harvester, working width of 4 m removes: wheat, barley, canola and soy.

Author: GIANTS, westenders, G.F.Moder Eraevgenij, Mr_SaiRUS

  • Lucky
    2016-11-17 18:00
    attention viruses
  • Ghtr
    2016-11-18 03:35
    Não instale tem vírus.
  • Maciasz
    2016-11-19 11:52
    Nice one, good work man.
  • Waciasz
    2016-11-19 12:23
    Works nice, i dont have any problems.
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