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2006 Chevy Silverado Dumptruck v1
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2006 Chevy Silverado Dumptruck v1

Today I bring you my 2006 Chevy Silverado Dumptruck, All functions fully work, comes with rear strobes, front hideaway strobes and a lightbar. Does not require the light addon mod. Please do not upload this to any other mod site. Enjoy

Original truck credits go to TorqueWrench1, First edit by ENG51INE, Second edit by Tyler Roland.

  • Name
    2017-05-30 03:21 Send message
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    it a stolen mod
  • John
    2017-05-30 03:30 Send message
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    when i try to buy it will just keep loading, loading, loading, and loading. do you know a fix for thiS?
  • Eng51ine
    2017-05-30 04:26 Send message
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    This is NOT an official Woodmeadow Farm Modding release... this is an older Work In Progress version that someone is trying to pass off as their own. The actual official version of this truck is white with a black dump body and only available from the WMF Facebook Group.
  • I love mods
    2017-05-30 14:13 Send message
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    will it not work if I use the lightaddon like go shit
  • Koalat
    2017-05-31 03:21 Send message
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    @ENG51INE wonder who grabbed this from the group and decided to release it..? It looks like the strobes are stuck on in the pictured position...
  • Tylerrolandsucks
    2017-06-02 04:50 Send message
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    Tyler Roland Released his own shitty mod then tried to blame someone else
  • Zzzzz
    2017-06-17 01:48 Send message
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    only issue i see with this is the driver/farmer is too far back in the cab making the interior camera all messed up, fix this & add different tires/rims along with a grille guard & spot on it will be.
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