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2010 John Deere 8R v1.0
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2010 John Deere 8R v1.0

2010 John Deere 8R series USA
- New 3D lights
- New hood textures
- New custom sounds
- IC control
- Gearbox ready
- Wheel options, weight options, etc.

Steenkamp Modding
Brad S.
Custom Modding

  • Dexter
    2018-10-19 19:05
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    Why the wheels are just copied from Custom Modding 8R and why it has not front lights?Why someone would like to use it when there is now final one on Modhub by JHHG?This one is probably fake post or prank by haters... I prefer finished one by JHHG Modding & TechMod
  • ^ nice try jhhg
    2018-10-19 19:24
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    We know its you JHHG, your mods suck dick. Enjoy using mine.
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