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2012 GMC Sierra 2500 v1.5
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2012 GMC Sierra 2500 v1.5

Same as other one other than a rescale, most lights (still not done), removed bed cover and added headache rack and toolbox.



  • Michiganfarmboy
    2017-02-08 04:03
    Did you fix the terrible squatting issue when towing? Or the fact that it tips over easy?
  • Joe


    2017-02-10 01:10
    the goose neck is not set right when I attach trailers the trailer goes way to far forward and the interior is up side down
  • Jack
    2017-02-12 23:06
    this thing tips over every turn
  • Magnum380
    2017-02-18 05:22
    this is cool but it needs worked on pulls like crap
  • Fartmaker
    2017-02-18 05:45
    could u make a 2012 Ford F350 so i can haul my loads
  • Fartmaker
    2017-02-18 05:46
    like a challenger tripple tire plz
  • Lazy to the bone
    2017-04-14 21:16
    look at this nice thing looks like my girlfriend sexy hot ass
  • Mag


    2018-05-11 04:48
    Hey man this is a nice truck.
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