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2016 Ford F-350 Jerr-Dan Rollback v1.0
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2016 Ford F-350 Jerr-Dan Rollback v1.0

Introducing the 2016 Ford F-350 Rollback Jerr-Dan 20 ft this truck has a fully functioning Bed and wheel lift that has trailer attachers for all high and low attacher with the wheel lift having adjustable height you can adjust for any trailer also if Another Vehicle has a attacher joint you can tow it with this truck It Has led light bar strobe Led's in front grill side mirror's and downsides of bed I have added work lights And Decal's as A Jerr-Dan 20ft Steel bed Diamond Plate floor
Have fun I did making it.

Fuct'd Modding
Truck Model by: Alagoas modding
Converted by: Thijs1239
Finished conversion And Added Some touch's to it Thunderhawk09
Thunderhawk09 Rollback conversion

  • Copenhagen
    2017-03-06 10:45
    this mod is still in testing expect warnings errors or any objects that looks out of order
  • John
    2017-03-06 14:21
    Thank you for this all working fine for me good work
  • Kohlerlove
    2017-03-06 17:42
    does not work for me
  • Brandon
    2017-03-07 01:29
    it doesnt show up in game for me
  • Copenhagen
    2017-03-07 02:25
    thats funny it dont show up in game when 1095 people have downloaded it seems like thats on your end u doing something wrong
  • Guest
    2017-03-07 03:21
    works great for me keep up the great work
  • Eng51ine
    2017-03-07 03:37
    Nice reworking. Thank you for the credit!
  • Fuct'd modding
    2017-03-07 03:56
    who ever it dont workbfor take out the light addon mod.. and like Eng51ine said thanks for the Credits.. and if youd like to make it error free i have a nitch for that
  • Farmer
    2017-03-07 05:10
    this mod is messed up, don't bother downloading. cannot drive it at all. Has endless loop of lua errors
  • Thawk09
    2017-03-07 05:59
    @ENG51iNE, FUCT'D MODDING That is my conversion I had hoped you would be ok with it cause after seeing that bed I knew I was finally getting to build or modify a f-350 to a rollback Iv been wanting to do one of these for awhile now just dont like blender so having this made it all possible thanks
  • Thawk09
    2017-03-07 06:02
    @ENG51iNE, FUCT'D MODDING and it was error free I dont like having evn warnings in my mods when loaded And yes LIGHTS ADDON cant not be used with it
  • Zach
    2017-03-07 08:58
    So when I jump in the truck, I cannot move into another vehicle, I get stuck in the truck. No matter how many times I try to switch, Im just stuck. Would this be an effect of the light add on mod? I just read you cant run it with that mod
  • @zach
    2017-03-07 09:17
    that add on mod light is a junk mod just delete it
  • Daniel alexander
    2017-03-07 22:04
    Great mod, but there are way to many features causing the mod to lag. It looks like the back of the truck makes the mod lag the most. I recommend removing some of the shiny features, perhaps making the mod a little less shiny
  • Thawk09
    2017-03-07 22:29
    @DANIEL ALEXANDER not being a smart ass when I say this but if that one mod is making your game lag you need to think about a better graphics card or both computer and card cause im running very high setting with no lag and all I have is a nvidia 660ti
  • Aaron
    2017-03-07 22:38
    I tested this mod out last night as it was posted on another mod site. I see this is v1 so I assume it was the same. It worked just fine for me with a few oddities. First I use manual engine start, i could start the motor but the motor engine sound would not stop when I manually turned it off.
  • Aaron
    2017-03-07 22:39
    second the license plate floats when the bed is moved back and tilted as it does not follow the rollback bed. Lastly when the load is locked the third person camera view is messed up unless you look from a slight side angle. had to do two postings due to a limit. Cant wait to see those issues corrected.
  • Daniel alexander
    2017-03-07 22:57
    Thawk, I considered the possibility of my computer not having a decent graphics card. My PC isn't the best, but there are things that can be done to a mod in order to be more PC friendly. In order to create a good product and to make everyone satisfied with you're mod, I recommend making the model user friendly, meaning more then just the 800 dollar computers can use. Keep that in mind. Great mod though, you're work there is a success.
  • Thawk09
    2017-03-07 23:56
    thanks and my computer did not cost 800 buck I have 460 in it not counting the liquid cooler that I already had
  • Zzzzz
    2017-03-08 00:57
    works well for me only thing i notice hauled vehicles jump around a small bit but they stay load locked so im happy with it, toss a grille guard on it & awesome.
  • Thawk09
    2017-03-08 01:50
    @ZZZZZ Yeah its something to do with that script I have found through testing just lock load to get bed and load back to parked position then unload load the load seems to lock on good with it unlocked that way it dont jump around
  • Joey
    2017-03-08 02:16
    if you don't mind can you make a plow truck and dump truck that works
  • Ttt


    2017-03-08 20:30
    the truck model was farmerboy69 and i see why he now keeping everything private
  • Mr.grimm
    2017-03-09 15:53
    When you retards gonna learn giants holds the rights to every mod out there private no matter what it don't matter you might use blender to construct it or sketchup or what ever program you use. The hard fact is you are using giants software meaning GE to ingame them and there scripting to make it work.
  • Mr.grimm
    2017-03-09 15:54
    People go private for the simple lack of respect and the mods hounds that always want more and drive modders nuts till they get it or don't get it then they are pieces of shit and given bad reps because they don't share there shit.
  • Bear
    2017-03-10 06:44
    its like jerry springer but in text lmfao great mod by the way
  • Thawk09
    2017-03-11 07:03
    I made this mod and what the heck are you talking about UNSEENBOW
  • Lewis
    2017-03-11 21:11
    It doesnt work on my game.
  • Redboy
    2017-03-13 23:57
    Got it in game but once I was in it I couldn't move or get out of it I was stuck in and could not move the truck so hopefully you can fix that seems like a good truck
  • Tim121672
    2017-03-15 12:26
    Before you say a mod does not work, remove all your mods OUT OF YOUR MOD FOLDER disabling them in the in game menu is not enough. Then try the mod again. You may be having a mod conflict and this will save you from looking like an idiot for posting a problem that is on your end. Remember to respect all modders even if the mod has flaws ask in a nice way for help with it....
  • Thawk09
    2017-03-15 13:45
    TIM121672 Thanks That sound like the lights addon conflict but some people cant read the comments it partly my fault I should have Mentioned that in the description but lights addon CAN NOT be used with this mod Because mod uses Th BEL3 Script for the stobes
  • Hey I was wondering if anybody would know if there is a mod conflict with the tow attach I press the z button and it says attach detach but doesn't attach is there a known mod conflict or should I go through them one by one
  • The squad
    2017-04-10 05:02
    I can prove it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgOuTHCDxf8
  • P-j


    2017-07-28 18:40
    i cant drive it al the other things work
  • Konrad
    2018-04-14 00:31
    me and my friends love to role-play on fs 17, like the SQUAD. PLEASE MAKE THIS MOD FOR XBOX ONE, I KNOW ITS A GREAT MOD!!!
  • Krahazik
    2018-05-22 03:00
    Found some errors. Camera is locked and I can not move my view. Unable to exit the vehicle. Can remain locked even after changing vehicles. Truck responds to keyboard inputs even after changing to another vehicle.
  • Patrcik
    2018-12-20 05:34
    I just wanna know how to install it correctly
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