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2017 Mod pack 4 fix update by Stevie
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2017 Mod pack 4 fix update by Stevie

2017 Mod pack 4 fix update, This zip contains fixed Cat1090 combines wide wheels selection, fixed Discbine colour selection and adds the Kemper corn cutter. All now also have Race for life Pink added to the colour selection. Only the fixes are in this download.

Sell off old versions in game, delete old versions from your mods folder, Unzip the downloaded file and place the new zips into your mods folder.

Donate: paypal.me/StevieFSMods


  • Aids
    2018-04-12 03:51
    This mod is literally aids lmao. You can't even call yourself a modder with this junk. Who the fuck would waste money to donate to you?
  • Fraud it!
    2018-05-22 20:04
    Stop adding some pink shit jerk. Do you think that someone older will get you this chunk? Fuck yourself into the moron's head.
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