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UAZ 3303 Pack Gear Box v2.0
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UAZ 3303 Pack Gear Box v2.0

Set up this kid for gear box
Prescribed the correct number of gears and gear ratios.
Now the tadpole has 4 gears forward and 1 backward.
The mod also has a differential lock function using the gear box.

Working dashboard, working suspension and clearance lights, animated driver in the UAZ cabin. trailer for modules, module-refueler by seeds and fertilizers (lower the sides with a mouse before refueling), module-barrel for water - 1500l,
Module for the transport of livestock, the module-body for the transport of crops - 3000l,
Module tank for fuel - 1000l.
The body except the default cultures transports dynamic loads.
It can be loaded with seeds and fertilizers from stationary gas stations (as in Sosnovka), then refuel seeders and fertilizers.
Everything is purchased in the Cars category.

Jekyll, Weder, KOVSH

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